As a catcher I saw my fair share of sore-armed pitchers. When my grandson started pitching, I searched for a method that aligned technique, mechanics and power. Most of the coaching I reviewed focused on one but not all of those elements. All lacked something in my opinion. We met Dan Lazzaroni who introduced us to The Wave Method. Over several years working with Dan, TWM has enabled my grandson to throw with proper mechanics taking stress off his arm; it has increased his velocity by close to 20mph since he started; and, it enables him to think through how to correct when his control begins to falter. Pitchers will gain insights from reading the book but the real value is found in adopting The Wave Method as a system of pitching. As young pitchers begin to learn this method early in their career we will see a generation of pitchers that not only pitch well and fast but who will know why they pitch well and fast.

Doug Wilson with 9 By 9 Solutions

Due to the lack of support from the baseball community and lack of donations from providing a free resource to the public I have decided to price my intellectual property at it's value in comparison to present and current markets. 

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This is an unfortunate circumstance as I have dedicated the last 7 years with the intent to help others for free in hopes others would donate and support my mission for a better future. 

Dan lazzaroni